Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tuesday morning

Snippets from today's "Newsdroppings" on Shoeboxblog.com---

Sprint lost a million subscribers and $505 million in revenue in the first quarter this year. After hearing the news, that Verizon commercial guy called Sprint and said, "do you fear me now?"

[I have my own special vendetta against Sprint...]

The price for a stamp to mail a letter went up a penny, causing everybody under 21 to say “The price of a what to do what?”

Television viewership is still down due to the recent writers’ strike. Oh yeah, also because TV kinda sucks now.

[So true, so true. I am still blaming the writers' strike...gotta lay it on someone.]

And from Brian,
[What I want to know is, has he figured out how to make those green flat sticks into a roof yet? And can he tell me??]

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Marie said...

I used to really love playing with Lincoln logs when I was a kiddie, and tinker toys too!