Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lucy's Picks - November 2012

It's been a while since we've written - life has been VERY busy! But we are enjoying our new town of Henniker, and liking the small but friendly and adequately stocked Tucker Free Public Library. (Though they could use more baby-appropriate DVD's if you feel like donating.) We especially love Kristin, the children's room librarian, who memorized our names the very first time we met her and now always greets us by name. Lucy loves sitting at the tiny tables with tiny chairs and coloring with big, fat crayons while her very pregnant and huge Mama huffs around picking out books and movies. Here are some of our recent favorite books:

Disney, It's a Small World: Hello, World!, by Disney Press
A delightful book of "hello"s from around the globe, each with its own beautifully designed, colorful depiction of the host country. Pronunciations are given (though I wish they had added the accent marks). Travel from Kenya to Egypt to Japan to Sweden and more. Truly delightful and Lucinda loves reading this while she eats in her high chair. I want to buy a copy - it's that good.

Bathing, by Liesbet Sloggers
This reminds me of the Kevin on the airplane book. Same author or illustrator? A sweet and cute board book about a little boy getting ready for his bath, enjoying his tub time, and then getting clean and dry. Perfect length and perfect for my little bath time gal, who both loves her bath and HATES getting out!
[Note: Yes, it is by the same author of the Kevin books, and the one I remembered was Kevin Takes a Trip, a book we just love about his first trip on an airplane with Grandma!]

A Houseful of Christmas, by Barbara Joosse*
Really love this book and want to buy a copy of it too, as we have a long held tradition in the Cox clan of reading stories the night before Christmas. In this cute tale, all the quirky relatives gather at Grandma's house for Christmas dinner and opening of presents, then get caught by a snowstorm...so everyone has to stay overnight, on the living room floor. So sweet and even features the family dog! Plus, sleeping over on the living room floor is one of my Christmas tradition want-to's (but we have not convinced Daddy yet...). *Barbara Joosse happens to be the author of one of Lucinda's all-time favorite books, Mama, Do You Love Me?, beautifully illustrated with Alaskan Inuit-style drawings by Barbara Lavallee.

The Polite Elephant, by Richard Scarry
One of my very favorites, a repeat library checkout and also a keeper, having grown up in the polite Midwest and all. There really is nothing more important than being polite! :) This little book captivates Lucy and we love the story line and the drawings, showing how the Polite Elephant is polite and kind wherever he goes, always lending a helping hand and putting his best foot forward (and yes, I looked it up, they are called "feet"). Love it.

You Are a Lion! And Other Fun Yoga Poses, by Taeeun Yoo
We haven't spent enough time with this book yet (LG has been too sick lately). But Lucy suddenly started doing recognizable yoga poses about a week or two ago. Out of nowhere. I figured maybe the babysitter was teaching her? But Jenn said no! So, I guess the girl just knows those ancient body movements from her deepest core. No surprises there. So I got this book out and it looks wonderful - showing little illustrations of kids doing easy poses and practicing being a lion or a cobra, etc. I look forward to doing these with my little yogini.

The Boss Baby, by Marla Frazee
[OK, a slight departure, as this one is for all you new parents, and NOT one of Lucy's favorites, for what will become obvious reasons. But I LOVED it! Hy-sterical, says the Mama!]
This book shows a teeny tiny executive baby who comes to the home and dominates, dictates schedules, throws temper tantrums if things are not done according to his exact wishes, and pretty much takes over everything. It is truly hilarious and a must-read for any new parents. Would make a great 1-yr birthday party gift...for Mom and Dad! As a shower gift, no parent-to-be would believe it yet, nor are they willing to admit the mayhem that is about to come to them! haha

The Great Big Book of Families, by Mary Hoffman
This is a superb book, another must-buy, and shows all manner of different styles of what makes a family, from the traditional American "family unit" to single parents, gay parents, grandparent-parents, adopted parents, and on and on. I really appreciate the positive message that anywhere you are loved and taken care of can be your home and your special family. I don't feel the illustrations do the book justice, but that's just Mama's opinion. A great book overall.

All right, that ought to keep you busy for a while. Get thee to thy local library! And enjoy some reading recommendations, from our house to yours.

Ally and Lucinda Grace (and Baby-to-be Jack)