Thursday, June 14, 2012

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June 14, 2012
Outside My Window...the sun is shining through the leafy trees. It is summertime in New Hampshire.

I am thankful darling daughter Lucy, who is growing in leaps and bounds, faster than I can keep up with her, and who is stretching my heart every day. She is easy to love, easy to marvel at, easy to forgive. Lucinda will turn one in a few short weeks. How is that even possible?

I am thinking...about how to reconstruct the pieces of my life that have fallen into disarray. I read on a bumper sticker this week, "The problems we face cannot be fixed by the minds that created them." This is not good news, if it's true!

From the kitchen...Lucinda can see the back yard during her baths in the kitchen sink. She has decided to love her baths again, for which I am endlessly thankful, as they are so fun again. She has two rubber duckies who join her, and another yellow plastic toy that pours water out. She sits in that "tub" next to the huge pile of dishes stacked in the dish drainer and is just every bit a part of our every day life. Reminds me of my baths in the sink with my cousin at Bass Lake as a kid.

I am creating...a Thank You project for me and the husband to do on a daily basis, as we are both feeling underappreciated and undercherished at the moment. gotta remedy that. [hmm, I am going to leave that answer in there from I never did it and we are still feeling this way. goal: complete this project.]

I am reading... absolutely nothing right now. Who has time to read? I am a mother who gets no sleep! OK, well I am occasionally reading from "If the Buddha Married," which is a very good and insightful book but kind of aggravates me because the Buddha WAS married when he up and left his wife and child for his spiritual quest and never came back (as far as I know). So it's a little hard to take marriage advice from that guy...

I am hoping...
to see the mother bear again in our yard. I guess I shouldn't be hoping for that, but I long to see her and feel her presence and I find myself looking for her both day and night. "Am I not with you, I who am your mother?" ~ Virgin of Guadalupe

I am hearing...messages in the stars lately. The Big Dipper and The Summer Triangle have been quite comforting.

I am wearing...the one pair of shoes I could afford this year, b/c I bought them with a gift card of Scott's from Christmas. Am not loving the extreme limitations of this half-an-income thing. It is harder and more trying than I thought.

Around the house...progress is being made, one tiny corner at a time. We have never had such a hard time unpacking or settling into a house, but then again, we never had a baby before (together). Scott's mom is coming to visit soon, so that mere fact will likely jump start the mad cleaning and organizing into gear. 

I am attend a yoga in the park event next Saturday (hopefully) in Henniker. The thought of doing group yoga, outside, is very appealing. I have been trying to start meditating again, and doing yoga on a regular basis. I need some serious centering and balancing right now.

One of my favorite going back to bed on weekend mornings, because my husband is great about taking over with Babykins so I can catch up on a little sleep. She is up several times a night these days, and we are failing miserably according to the sleep training methods, but such is what it is and we love her and this will not last forever. But crawling into bed and pulling the blankets over my head while I know the two of them are fine and having fun is sweet, sweet bliss. Thank you, Scott.

A few plans for the rest of the week...are visiting with two dear friends in Vermont this weekend who are needing some love and laughter these days. And celebrating Father's Day in whatever manner Daddy sees fit.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

 Lucy in Mama's hat from when she was a baby. photo by Scott Snyder.

Lucy playing in the sandbox at her wonderful baby sitter's house this summer. photo by Jenn Dennis.

I've been missing my Dad terribly lately. Needing him. I love this picture, waving from the bottom of the world's largest pyramid in Mexico (I was on my way to the top)...
feels like he is still waving from where he is now.

Dad in Mexico, on a wonderful trip with us the year he died. Love you.

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Monday, June 11, 2012

I love this so much today:

"Awake to stiffness, awake to ease. Awake to boundless joy, awake to the deep well of sorrow. Awake to fear, awake to spaciousness. Just awakeness; this is your home."

~ Margaret Fletcher, amazing and insightful teacher at White Mountain Sangha