Sunday, November 30, 2008

World's Oldest Person (115) Dies

Edna Parker (photo not by me)

Read the article on this remarkable woman's life.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Photographic endeavors

Have you checked out Scott's photos lately? He has come back around to winter scenes, and is capturing the first NH ice and snow of the year. I have not posted many pictures here, though I continue taking them, because my laptop is suffering from won't-work-itis and every time I get ready to post something, it crashes out. Too frustrating. Meanwhile, do enjoy Scott's excellent taste in art and nature.


i am (what i am)

i am . . .

i am: tired of having a neckache
i think: i could really enjoy the bankruptcy cases I am working on, if I had time to work on them
i know: it isn't snowing right now

i want: to have Wednesday off
i have: in-laws coming to visit tomorrow, for the week

i wish: the bathroom was already cleaned
i hate: loose hairs on the floor - grosses me out!!
i miss: my friend Juli (who likes to be called "Jewels")
i fear: my fibromyalgia making pregnancy and motherhood very painful
i feel: most at home in my pj's

i hear: the printer whirring away - someone's working
i smell: dust
i crave: dust (a ha ha, just kidding)...a massage

i search: for a job, endlessly
i wonder: as i wander...(i am already heavily into Xmas carols)
i regret: not having a baby sooner
i love: Christmas, oh, i do, i do
i ache: to be near my sister - she's coming in December, thank God
i care: about the cats, and maybe that makes me "The Cat Lady" - i'm not sure
i always: talk to the dog, and sometimes i sing to him
i am not: insane (or AM I?!?)
i believe: that everyone will like LOST if they watch it from the very beginning
i dance: when Mexican music comes on
i sing: while i do the laundry, or get dressed, or do dishes
i cry: while i do the laundry, or get dressed, or do dishes (a ha ha)
i don’t always: waste time
i fight: the urge to stay up all night, especially during the holidays
i write: the Christmas letter for our family every year
i win: at Taboo, often (i love that game!)
i lose: at Trivial Pursuit, always...embarrassing (then again, who cares)
i never: say "no" at work - well usually never
i confuse: everything lately - i think it's the grief
i listen: to the moon whenever possible
i can usually be found: in front of the TV, or behind the steering wheel
i am scared: of never having any children
i need: some money, in a bad way
i am happy about: Obama becoming our next President!!!
i hope: he is not harmed in any way

Und du???

Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday afternoon, 3:26

Out “my” office window, I can see a small park between official-looking office buildings. It looks like the courtyard of the State House. There are tall, regal trees lining the small enclosed patio, and stone benches, which are probably iced cold right now. I see interesting architectural designs on the building next door – round windows, octagonal columns, tall vertical windows that draw the eye upward. It is quite lovely.

I am temping, and as usual, have run out of things to do. However, I don’t mind, because I have been working most of the day and this most enjoyable workplace. A real office, with professionalism and fun and camaraderie and a few whispering, griping co-workers who are mad at so-and-so. What a real business is supposed to be like. Smart people doing good, thoughtful work that is helping their community, while enjoying free sodas from the Coke machine and wasting time on Friday afternoon. Good times. The copy guy just brought the tape dispenser I requested – so I guess it really is my office. A ha ha.

My neck has been killing me for days and I desperately need a massage. Too bad Kristin H. lives so far away! I will go to the chiro instead tonight – she’s way cheaper than a massage and needless to say, Mama is broke. B-roke with a capital B. But I can still write, so all is not lost.

How are you?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ho Ho Ho

I have written the Christmas letter! It all came out in a rush of thoughts while driving home from the coast the other night. Scott was driving, so I tore up a Dunkin Donuts bag to write on, scrabbled around and finally found a pen, and wrote by the light of the glove box. And now I have a Christmas letter. Yay!

Merrrrrrrrry Christmas!

Monday, November 10, 2008

I'm Grateful For...

1. A warm kitty sprawled out beside me, in her red rhinestoned collar. I trimmed the cats' nails for the second time last night. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it can be done.

2. "Everybody Loves Raymond," 11:30 pm. Even though they are yelling at each other all the time, I find it relaxing to watch.

3. My new fuzzy brown sweater. Mmm, cozy.

4. Scott is still employed and though things are tense at his workplace, with everyone wondering who is about to be laid off, he has made himself doubly useful to his employer by doing several jobs in one. We love him for that.

5. Harvest Stuffing, as modified by Allison. Who ever heard of carrots in stuffing? I am practicing and narrowing down a stuffing choice, the only variable for Thanksgiving. If it turns out well, I'll share my recipe.

6. Not having to get up at a specified time in the morning. I am working freelance from home right now. Will probably spend a few days sorting out the delicate balance of how to ignore the laundry and clutter and focus on work. Once I get into the work, I lose myself in it and suddenly, it's 5:00. But the getting started - aye, there's the rub. Especially when the house is a mess. I find it almost impossible to work (or clear my head) when there's stuff all over the place. I'm sure this is a skill - segmenting? Any advice?

7. My cacti are growing new tendrils, even though they aren't getting much light indoors.

8. Mom is coming over for dinner on Wednesday. I really like having her around and especially need her company right now. She is bringing the movie Wall-e.

9. I am tossing around thoughts for the Christmas letter. This is the cooking part, the marination of ideas.

10. Tip had his 16th birthday today! I bought him some duck jerky (what?) to celebrate. Unfortunately, it was too hard for him to chew since his teeth have gone soft. So he gummed it for a while and that seemed to make him happy.

How are you?

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Christmas Letter

It has been exceedingly hard to write lately. I'm sure you have noticed (especially my bereft Yahoo readers...sorry). I get brief glimpses of inspiration. If I am lucky, I have a scrap of paper, or an old envelope, or a sticky with dirt plastered to the back. And I write. Or scribble. Or jot down an idea, pretending that after this moment, it will not be lost to me forever. If I am not lucky, I miss it. And then the waiting ensues.

My brain is tired, my heart is tired. My brain is functioning at work though, and for that I am glad. It is a wonderful distraction from reality.

Nevertheless all of the above, it is time once again to write the Christmas letter. An annual tradition, which I love. A tradition started by my Dad. Making it that much harder to accomplish. What the hell am I supposed to say? Hmm, was tortured at my job, then lost my job, went broke, Daddy died, dog almost died but then didn't, Merry Fucking Christmas! If you like that approach, well, let's call it a day.

For the rest of you friends and family, you'll have to wait for the sweet, poetic version. It very well may come in a flash after three things take place: 1) the battery for my laptop comes, thus fixing all of its problems (let a girl dream - it's Christmas), 2) I get my desk cleaned off (again, the dream...), and 3) I have a steaming mug of holiday tea (or maybe a Jack and Coke) to inspire my fingers to type. And then there's the finding of the perfect year's poem for the back of the letter. Oh, dear.

Aside: Several of you dear blog junkies may like to receive the Christmas letter this year (???)...let me know, and email me your address. No online letters for this traditional gal. Only requirements are that you are not a creepy stalker (and you know who you are), and you promise not to post my address and phone number on the Internet - ahem. Fourteen year old boys posing as middle-aged or thirtysomethings who just loooove all my inane insights need not apply.

Love you as always. And yes, I mean you.


Saturday, November 8, 2008

I LOVE this

Click on the image to enlarge it.

(Not sure who drew it.)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008