Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday afternoon, 3:26

Out “my” office window, I can see a small park between official-looking office buildings. It looks like the courtyard of the State House. There are tall, regal trees lining the small enclosed patio, and stone benches, which are probably iced cold right now. I see interesting architectural designs on the building next door – round windows, octagonal columns, tall vertical windows that draw the eye upward. It is quite lovely.

I am temping, and as usual, have run out of things to do. However, I don’t mind, because I have been working most of the day and this most enjoyable workplace. A real office, with professionalism and fun and camaraderie and a few whispering, griping co-workers who are mad at so-and-so. What a real business is supposed to be like. Smart people doing good, thoughtful work that is helping their community, while enjoying free sodas from the Coke machine and wasting time on Friday afternoon. Good times. The copy guy just brought the tape dispenser I requested – so I guess it really is my office. A ha ha.

My neck has been killing me for days and I desperately need a massage. Too bad Kristin H. lives so far away! I will go to the chiro instead tonight – she’s way cheaper than a massage and needless to say, Mama is broke. B-roke with a capital B. But I can still write, so all is not lost.

How are you?

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