Saturday, May 10, 2008

Spring in Concord

A few pics from my cell phone, at work - to show you the Springtime in New Hampshire. We've had some beautiful days!This is a beautiful tree near my office building. It has the most striking pine needles and cones.
And everything is flowering now - pear and apple trees, crab apple trees, and weeping cherries. White blooms, pinks, magentas.
The warm sun feels so good these days. Even the rain is not awful. It refreshes all the plants and keeps us allergy-laden folk from suffering too much. Today I saw a row of red, yellow, and pink tulips blooming from the earth, in a perfect row in front of Robin's house. She stood in front of them in a royal purple silk blouse with her flaming red hair. The scene was alive and fresh, like an explosion of jewels on the earth. Thank you for new life, Universe. Spring has arrived.

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Anonymous said...

The color of the sky is magnificent. I remember the first time I moved back East after having left polluted southern California. The sky was a color of blue that I had never seen before. I ran right out to Lowes and found a paint color to match, then painted my kids' room. It still takes my breath away.