Saturday, May 31, 2008

Flower Friends

It's midnight. Just came back in from letting the dog out. (I see a tiny mosquito came in with us.) The sky is dark tonight and the stars are clear. But I can see The Big Dipper, in its spring/summertime position, pouring out over the edge of the building. I like knowing it will be there for a while. You know what it poured me this spring? Some dear new friends.

[All photos in this post are by Scott Snyder.]

This is Robin. Look at how our hair is combining on top of our heads!
She lets me be myself.
And somehow encourages me to do silly, ridiculous things.
She reminds me of this:
(Those tulips were from her front yard, at the yard sale last Saturday.) Robin is married to The Englishman. Formally, he goes by Steve. ;) He makes me really happy too.
I hope Scott and I can get to know them better and be friends for a long time. They're good people.
Robin is really beautiful, inside and out. She is one of the most colorful people I know. She inspires me.
You know who else makes me happy? Not a new friend, but an old friend, an amazing person and devoted companion: my Laurel. Here she is opening the "you had the baby" present I was going to give her at the hospital. Obviously, I couldn't wait! This is a little outfit I bought for Baby A. to wear on the Fourth of July - it's red, white and blue and has little flags sewn on that say USA and a fire chief dog and a truck. It's ridiculously cute, and if you can't wear a Fourth of July outfit when you're three weeks old, when can you?! That's what Aunty Ally says anyway.
Laurel is married to Conrado. He's a good egg and we love him too. They are our second family.
Her hair is looking so red these days with the pregnancy. Thanks for your prayers, friends - she is managing quite well and they will get everything figured out. Meanwhile, I am anxiously awaiting "the call" to speed down to the hospital for baby birthing time. I can't wait!
My friends are like flowers - sweet and surprising, encouraging and always bringing me new life.
I'm grateful.

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Marie said...

Beautiful pictures, beautiful friends. A delight to read Ally. I have long felt that friends are family you get to pick for yourself, flowers in the garden of your heart! Happy Sunday!