Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sunday pictures

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"I make a great second impression. Most people don't know that." -Allyson
On Sunday, Scott and I did some exploring. Went to a craft/art fair in Meredith, NH and then cruised around a bit, stopping in Laconia to water Mom and Dad's plants while they're on vaca, and then to the Shaker Village in Canterbury, one of our favorite New Hampshire places. It is so peaceful there. As soon as I step onto the property, anxieties fall away and things start sorting themselves out in me. I feel calmed by the earth there. Talk about a place with good karma. You can feel it. The flowers below were from the craft fair. Click to enlarge and see how delightfully bizarre they are.

And here is Scott in his favorite hat, which he unearthed while putting my winter clothes bins away. It is easy to be with him again.
Beautiful weather all weekend - very Spring transitioning to Summer and easy to be happy under such a sky.
The gardens have been planted and are just starting to show their blessings.
I am from farm people. I cannot tell you how much a long straight line of something growing in the tilled, crumbly earth means to me. I could kiss the dirt, I love it that much. I used to have a worm farm (in a coffee can). I fed the worms coffee grounds and they multiplied like it was the end of the world. I like pulling weeds. Digging a hole is a supreme gift. Nuff said.
Light and earth. Virgo is an earth sign. So I am always seeking water, wishing I could be lighter to fly on the wisps of the wind, and seeking the heat of fire. But then again, all I really want is good tilled earth so things can grow.
Shaker Village - you absolutely must plan a visit there. They will welcome you.
This picture of the dandelion (for you Mom) is best seen up close - so click on it to enlarge. What a beautiful puffball, just waiting to be blown.
Lines. Sustenance. Nurturing. Poking through obstacles to grow, grow, grow.
Lilacs, the NH state flowers, are in full bloom everywhere, and making lush trees at Shaker Village.
I am currently nurturing a new lilac bush for Mom - got it for her Mother's Day and since she's been on vaca, I am watering it every few days and loving it daily. It has grown several inches on top already. I hope it will bloom. She will be so happy. These look nice enlarged.
Can you smell them? Mmm. Worth the allergies, I'd say.
Those are the beginnings of what are always (by late August) incredible medicinal herb gardens. Just the hint of things blooming. But RIPE with bugs. Just ask my poor ankles.
Maybe you know what that is. Lovely, either way.

Happy Summer, dears. Am listening to "Blackbird" by the Beatles, from Marie's website. I am glad to be alive.


Marie said...

Lovely post Allison. Beautiful pictures, wonderful words. What an unusual flower that is!! I wonder what it is???

Anonymous said...

You and I love the same things. That photo with the white farm house in the background is amazing. I felt at peace just viewing that post. You: Virgo? Me: Capricorn. I knew there was a reason I loved ya!

Annie said...

Oh, I love the Lilacs! Very pretty!