Friday, May 30, 2008

Memorial Day (though the holiday is over)

Wah. dead. And frankly, so is Jacob's Ladder. No way to heaven for me now. Garumph.

I have been sitting at my office desk watching Pansy from across the room for a few weeks. I had to move her closer to the window as she was decidedly droopy. I tried more water. Less water. More light. Less light. She continued to survive, but the blooms gave up and every other day she'd be wilting over as if to say, "Just let me lie down here for a brief nap...and then die." I resisted. I cajoled. I even spoke words of love (when others were out of the office, of course).

So today I look more closely. What the heck is that? A spiderweb? No, smaller. A tiny, tiny village - a colony, really - of itsy bitsy tan specks who had either set up a fully functioning town or an amusement park between and covering every single leaf, stalk, and has-been flower. Pansy was Gulliver, covered with tiny people and roped down into submission. Oy.

So Pansy and her traveling circus have now been dumped onto the office lawn where they will undoubtedly form a new home (or grave). Damn.

Meanwhile, at home, Jacob's Ladder (who came with a sadly inadequate set of instructions for yours truly - Plant Killer At Large) has bitten the dust. Nothing would cure what ailed him.

The rest of the plants - except for Scott's equally dead office Pansy - continue to humor me. And the jade and Christmas cactus are adjusting to their new home outside. They are slow adjusters (but then, so isn't their mother). But they will survive.



Marie said...

I have a notoriously black thumb...thank goodness we have Todd. He has the golden touch with plants. He ignores them and they thrive! Perhaps I just pay too much attention to them?

Allison said...

That could be my problem too...