Thursday, May 8, 2008

At Om

Quote of the Day  [from Shoeboxblog]
"Most of the people who run around like chickens with their heads cut off fail to consider the blood."

So true, so true.  Great quote!

To update you on the yoga - it was a great class, but much harder than we thought.  I mistakenly signed us up for a beginner flow series yoga class, not a beginner learn-the-postures-again class.  We both had several yoga classes before, but not in a while, so I thought a "101" class would ease us back into it...and ease our backs back into it.  But really, I signed us up for the beginning session of flow yoga - which is where they put various positions (that you already should know) together in a sequence and you switch from one to the next quickly and smoothly (well, supposedly).  You may have seen "Sun Salutation," a very common flow series involving about six or eight different asanas (positions).  Anyway, last night was way beyond where we are right now, and I stretched several muscles that haven't been contacted in quite some time.  We were both sweating like crazy.  It was pretty intense, and today I am sore.  Thankfully I popped some ibuprofen after the class so I could still walk today - no major fibromyalgia catastrophes, please.  

Our two teachers, Courtney and Lindsay, were good and fascinating to watch.  The classmates seemed nice and non-competitive (good).  The class was really crowded, kind of NYC style, but in an okay way.  Now we have to decide if we should press through this class or try to get switched to a true beginner's mat class.  Part of me wants to see where this will lead.  This is our yoga studio, At Om Yoga Center, and you should check out their photo gallery - all pretzel-twisty-bendy pictures that will amaze you.  




Anonymous said...

I'm "high five-ing" you right now. Way to go!

Marie said...

I used to do yoga many moons before when I was young and supple. Now I'm just happy I can stretch down to put my panti hose on! haha Way to go Allison!