Saturday, May 31, 2008

I'm thinking of a meme...

Is it animal, vegetable, or mineral? No, but seriously. I want to start a wave focused on home and gratefulness. And what makes us tick. And what we wouldn't want to live without. It's called Happy in My Home And here's how it would go.

1) You take photos of five special objects in your home that delight you or make your life easier or that you are glad to have discovered. (Could be your favorite book you keep re-reading or a great cleaning product or your cozy sweater, whatever.)

2) You describe for us why you love these things - and if it's a product others might like, feel free to link us to where to find it.

3) You can tag a few friends or just leave it as an open tag on your posting - a "Play if you feel inspired" kind of thing.

Want to play? I'll gather my objects this weekend and try to post by Sunday or Monday.

[I should say for the record, I am not a big weekend post-er, but please always check back by Monday.]



Marie said...

I shall do this Allison!!! It sounds like a lot of fun! Great idea!!

Kristin H. said...

This sounds like fun. I already know what I'm going to post. It will probably be up by Monday :)

Allison said...

love you guys!