Thursday, May 29, 2008

Koi Pond like you've never seen before

God bless Google. Seriously. I was looking at a blog I really like, Sweet Home and Garden Chicago (my home town) when I got inspired by the koi pond. Oh, I do love a koi pond. So I thought, Why not see if there are other pictures that make me so happy...and Google...and voila! These are INCREDIBLE. You really must go to the Sayer website and then look at all their galleries. You will be blown away and inspired.

You may very well find yourself digging a ten foot trench in your backyard, before realizing you have no idea how to make a koi pond! But you can go back to Google!!!!!!! Here are some instructions, and supply/build info and general pond digging inspiration. Oh I love this world sometimes. Here are my favorites from Sayer.

Seriously: WOW.

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