Friday, May 2, 2008

Friday after all

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(cartoon by Dr. DIck)

Quote of the Day
"I'm always a little proud when my credit card bill calls my balance 'outstanding.'"
-by Russ

Awkward Social Things
by Dee Ann

*people who keep looking at you when you're clearly done talking to them

*someone who has called you the wrong name so many times, you don't want to correct them

*the Amish

*seeing your boss at the neighborhood pool

*seeing old friends who got really fat

*trying to look cool in a college town vintage record store

*realizing you've mispronounced a word your entire life


Kristin H. said...

OMG Allison! The Awkward Social Things is TOO MUCH. And I am going through that right now. I know someone who keeps calling me "Kir-stin" (not Kri-stin.) It drives me insane. But I've given up hope. Too funny.

Allison said...

I spent much of my life as Melissa or Alicia. But I NEVER tolerate Alice! :)

Rebecca D. said...

I so remember your abhorrence of Alice - but did not know about the Melissa and Alicia! What? I used to be Betty and Peggy (back when I was "Becky"). I love this list too - especially the last one! And the old friend who's gotten really fat.. let's be honest - it's a lot less depressing, at least, than the old friend who's gotten thin.

Marie said...

My second name is Alice and I got called that most of my life until 9 years ago when I took my life back! I hate the name Alice. Love the giggles you shared!