Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Duggars

Well here's a nice family picture of the Duggars - the family that everybody knows about (except me). They do look quite happy and healthy though, you have to admit. Ins-teresting. ~Allison

In this Aug. 2, 2007 file photo, Michelle Duggar, left, is surrounded by her children and husband Jim Bob, second from left, after the birth of her 17th child in Rogers, Ark. The Duggars announced on Friday, May 9, 2008 that they are expecting their 18th child. (AP Photo/ Beth Hall, File)


Marie said...

More power to her! I couldn't cope with that many children I don't think. I say, if they can provide all that they need emotionally, physically and mentally then it's up to them!

Kally said...

I ran across your blog recently and had to comment: Holy Heck! How do they do it? I have one and I feel like I'm going nuts. Really, think of all the TP that family must have to buy.