Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Make the World Better

In an effort to change the [my] world with positive words, I am starting a new game and you can feel free to *tag* yourself if you want to play (and I will love reading your answers). It's called
"10 Things That Make the World Better."

5 Very Good Things About My Spouse:
1. Scott is a stable worker and good provider - I always know he'll help pay the mortgage.
2. He is sensitive and empathetic. He's easy to talk to.
3. He's great at yard and home stuff, unpacking after a move and nesting in general.
4. He makes me laugh. Sometimes we get downright slaphappy.
5. Scott is artistic and creative and it's wonderful to watch him work on an art project.

5 Very Good Things About Me:
1. Though it takes effort, I can almost always come to forgive others.
2. Until you prove me wrong, I will believe that you have a good heart and are doing the best you can.
3. I can make delicious spaghetti, nachos, and lentil stew.
4. I try to be accepting of people from all walks of life.
5. You can usually make me laugh and usually never offend me.

I'm grateful for you, my dear Internet friends. What makes your world better?

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Marie said...

Wonderful post Allison. You're my kind of people. :-)