Friday, May 30, 2008

Food Matters (revisited)

Remember this?

Well, I just got this via email:

Hi Allison,
Welcome to the Food Matters Global Internet Launch!
We are thrilled with the positive response to our movie trailer from people all over the world. Last night we hosted the premiere of our film in Sydney to a standing ovation and we hope you will feel the same when watching this powerful film.

The 80 minute feature film is now available!
Be the first to own Food Matters on DVD for $29.95 USD or you can view the film online for $4.95 USD.

We offer discounts on orders of 10 or more DVD's and we ship anywhere in the world! Please help us share this powerful message with your family and friends.

Thank you for all of your support!

Kind Regards,
James & Laurentine
So there you have it folks. I think I'll watch it online. Can't wait to see the video! - Allison

1 comment:

Marie said...

I got that e-mail too. Was the film any good? Let us know!