Friday, May 16, 2008

Guest Post from Scott

13 Uninteresting Things About Myself

1. I have a favorite brand of sox. Smartwool. They rock.
2. Everyday I must pay 4 tolls to get to and from work.
3. In my closet I have three surfboard bags, but I only own 2 surfboards.
4. When I was a high school hippie and badboy I was secretly infatuated with the glowing good girls.
5. I am a neat freak.
6. I once went an entire year only wearing flip flops.
7. I do not like greens.
8. I love peaches.
9. Math is not my friend.
10. I used to read 3-5 books a week.
11. My favorite place that I have ever lived was once a chicken coop.
12. I ran away from home when I was 7. And 18.
13. I hate to wear business clothes.


Mama Zen said...

When I was a glowing good girl (snicker), I was secretly infatuated with the hippie bad boys!

Allison said...

(me too)

Marie said...

I always wanted a hippie bad boy.

Kristin H. said...

My husband is with you on the "business clothes" thing. He feels that the dudes in the Middle East have it all worked out with the whole flowing dress-like garments that they wear.