Monday, June 2, 2008

Happy in My Home

Here are five of my favorite things:
1) Pig
I got Pig on a romantic weekend with Scott in Ogunquit, Maine (the town where we got married). Pig was in a cute little shop full of artsy, whimsical creations, called Art & Soul. Scott loved the store but did not get why I loved Pig. Now Scott likes Pig even less, as Pig seems to always be staring at him (a ha ha ha). I broke Pig's tail off in the store. I tried to get a discount at the checkout. [Why did I do that when I broke his tail??] Needless to say, Pig was worth every penny.
I had to post one extra picture of Pig's profile. What a gorgeous Pig.
2) Bass Lake Coasters
My cousin Karen sent these for me and I just received them unexpectedly this weekend! We have a family lake cottage on Bass Lake, and all us kids grew up there, swimming, playing, having bonfires, watching fireworks, putting on plays for the neighbors while the crickets chirped. It's one of my favorite places on earth. 3) Our Name Platters
These beautiful platters were a gift from Rebecca for our wedding. They were made by a woman she calls Auntie Goldie, who runs Earthworks pottery studio in Barbados. I've been there and it's a beautiful shop, and Goldie is a wonderful woman.
4) The Cart
Thank God we finally bought the cart - it took us a year and a half to get around to it! Now I don't have to make thirty-seven trips when bringing in groceries. I LOVE the cart. $20 at the grocery store. Yeah!
5) The Old Mirror
We have been looking for the right mirror for our entryway and after two years, we finally found it. I love it. $4 from a massive yard sale and a guy who was happy to sell it to us. I had a mirror quite like it in Vermont, in my first nice apartment on my own. I loved living there and so my new old mirror represents an old and a new special time in my life - now shared with Scott and all who enter our home. Gotta get it put up. [And I managed to get Tip in there - he's my big love...but he's not an inanimate object!]
So there you have it. I will tag Scott and Mama Zen, if they would like to play. I think I'm gonna post my helpful, useful items separately b/c I was thinking about all these products I'd like to recommend to you! Coming soon...

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Marie said...

Love, LOve, LOVE your five things Allison, not the least the PIG!!! Stare at Scott little piggie, stare! He's adorable. (THE PIG that is, although I am sure Scott is quite adorable too!) I love the plates as well. I just love everything!

Rebecca D. said...

I love these things Allison! The pig is really my favorite, although the plates would have to be a close second. :) And the cart is great: I need one of those too for the farmer's market...

Mama Zen said...

I love the pig!

I'll definitely do this!