Monday, June 2, 2008

Well there you have it

...ladies and gentlemen, Will Smith's answer for marital success from

~~~Will Smith has found the perfect way to keep a marriage on track - rule out divorce. The movie star has been married to actress wife Jada Pinkett Smith for a decade and insists they'll never split because divorce isn't an option for them.

He explains, "Divorce can't be an option - it's really that simple. If you just remove the option... because, if you have the option, one day that person's gonna make you wanna divorce.

"That's been a huge part of the success for she (Pinkett Smith) and I... We're like, 'Listen, we're gonna be together one way or the other so might as well try and be happy."~~~

Another note: Bringing your lunch (and actually eating it) is a good way to save money. Going nextdoor to Linens-N-Things during lunch break is not. Will doing both in one day cancel each other out??



Marie said...

It's too bad more people didn't have that attitude. I'm not proud of my two divorces. There will not be a third.

Allison said...

Oh, I hope this post didn't come across the wrong way. Was NOT meant as any kind of judgment. Just an observation of one opinion. I am hoping to stay married the whole life long, and really gonna work at it. But I would not fault someone who decided they were too unhappy (or unsafe) to stay married. I am Scott's third wife. Am hoping "third time's a charm." :)

Joanna said...

Not to squash this lovely warm feeling (I think the whole world could do with a little "divorce is not an option" thinking) but Will and Jada also say that they are careful to have an open relationship where they can have sex with that hot thing they fancy so long as they (as a couple) talk about it first. I think I might prefer devorce! If you google it you get loads of results but a respected newspaper has this to say :,,1409028,00.html

Allison said...

ha ha ha - good to know, Joanna! Thanks for visiting.