Thursday, June 19, 2008

I'm taking a day off

No, not off blogging. Don't be silly! Off work. Wait, don't be silly. I'm unemployed! But I'm taking a day off trying to solve/fix/save the world.

**Wonder Woman has left the building.**

Thursday will not include job hunting, calling unemployment, making important contacts, following job leads, researching companies, stockpiling savings, selling off wares, or anything else productive. It will also not include haircuts, long drives to and fro, editing and proofreading, making calls to horrible customer service hotlines, or going to the grocery store. It will be void of lists, charting, plotting, planning, maneuvering, and fixing of any kind.

Thursday will include relaxing, being happy, chatting with friends, checking blogs, fussing over my plants, maybe a little laundry, very possibly an episode of Boston Public, some Style Network, some munching on goodies, petting the dog and watching the world go by.

Thursday is for me, a post-trauma, settle down, take a break, be okay and be happy day.

Thursday night I am doing my first ever public poetry reading. So I guess Thursday better include a couple practice read-throughs too.

Looking forward to Thursday.


Mama Zen said...

Sounds like a fantastic idea to me!

Good luck tonight!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your day off today honey. You deserve one. Good luck tonight too. Wish
I could be there. Xoxo, hubby

Marie said...

I hope you had a lovely day and that the poetry reading went well!!! I wish I could have been there too!

Anonymous said...

"Wonder Woman Has Left the Building" would make a great blog title. I hope your reading went well.

Chile said...

Good for you!

Was it? (Good for you? I mean...)