Sunday, June 8, 2008

Totally Been Holdin' Out on You

...but the good thing about me not checking for several days is that when I check it, everything seems funny. Here are some of my favorites:

Quote of the Day

No one really knows the rules of croquet, and therein lies the fun!

A Father's Day Card from Chris Rock:
Once a year, maybe.
Happy Father's Day

and from Friday June 6's Newsdroppings:


For an unprecedented second day in a row, Hillary Clinton really seems to not be running for president anymore.

However, a majority of democrats want Hillary Clinton to be Vice President, said a pollster on the phone who sounded a lot like Hillary Clinton.

John Edwards has again stated that he will not serve as Vice President, unless Barack Obama asked him to, in which case he totally would.

In a speech yesterday, John McCain said he’d like to see a man on Mars. Specifically, Barack Obama.

ha ha ha ha.
There. Don'tcha feel better?

p.s. Friendly's was giving away FREE ICE CREAM today! We LOVE them for that.


Marie said...

haha, loved all the funnies Allison! Especially the news bits!

Kristin H. said...

I knew I could count on you for a good laugh :) Thanks, I needed it!