Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Products you might like to try

Hello dears - thought I would share with you some of my favorite products, which you might like to try. Nobody is paying me for this...just wanted to share with you.

For teeth happiness, I love using Biotene after brushing. I am a big-time teeth brusher, to the point that I have brushed my gums to bits and now my teeth are rather sensitive. Biotene is soothing, not harsh, and leaves your mouth feeling quite healthy. And Glide floss is now helping me keep my teeth and gums cleaner and smelling yummy without having to brush so much. The dentist finally got through to me. ;)

If you haven't tried the Venus razor yet, well, you don't know what you're missing. I know many of you are frugal - with kids, you gotta be. But gals, you have never had so close and smooth a shave as with the Venus razor. The replacement blades are LUDICROUSLY expensive! I think, "Those bastards!" every time I have to buy them. But you will never go back to disposable. The blades last a long time and don't warp or rust, so you don't replace them as often. This is one of those items that is worth every penny. For deo, I like Dove. Simple, inexpensive, works, and doesn't come off on clothes.

Ah, the face regimen. It gets more complicated with every passing year. Honestly never occurred to me to bother with anything other than soap and water all through my twenties. Turned thirty, looked in the mirror, and was horrified! Dear God, where did my face go? And what are all those lines and blotches!? I read in a magazine that Sarah Jessica Parker (who has impeccable skin) uses Dove soap and toner every day. (Read: She also uses about fifty other products, I'm sure, and has a three-ring circus of stylists buzzing around her at all times.) I have switched to Dove for good - I love it, for face and body. But for creams, I found these two do the trick - Olay with sunscreen for day and Olay big-time, thick night wrinkle cream for night. Had to experiment with several "flavors" til I got one that Scott didn't think "smelled like my grandmother" - ahem - but this is it. I may have a few wrinkles but my face is baby soft. And not reminiscent of Granny. (I hope!)

Aveeno foaming cleanser for face - it comes out in a fluffy puff! It is gentle and actually comforting - how do they do that? And then there's my new fatty cream. Jergens for cellulite thighs. I believe the "p.c." term is "firming and toning." Whatever, we know what it's for. I just started using it and I choose to believe it's working. It's affordable and smells nice.

Tide with Downy and Bounce. What can I say? I worked for a year at Procter & Gamble (a great company). They gave out free samples. I am now ADDICTED. When I first went to buy Tide (instead of $3 Arm & Hammer detergent), I was SHOCKED at the $7 price! Who are they kidding? Ladies, I am ADDICTED. I swear they put something in there...crack? The smell alone has me hooked. But it seriously does clean clothes better than anything else I ever tried. I don't even worry about stains anymore. Just Tide them and - poof - gone. I won't be able to justify the expenditure when I have a baby. But this is one of my guiltless pleasures for unmotherhood: expensive, yummy smelling Tide. I could drink the stuff. And Bounce. Never gonna use the others again. Check out this cool website for a bazillion ways to use Bounce dryer sheets - especially if you're green conscious and want to reuse them.

And if you have any pets (or unhousetrained kids), you gotta have Nature's Miracle and Spot Shot around at all times. One or the other of them can get out any carpet mess. You don't want to use soap as it will dry with an acidic scent that mimics urine to dogs and will cause them to pee there again. Even light dish soap can stay in the rug and encourage regular dirt to stick there. Little things you learn as a dog trainer.

One last thing, readers: Off PowerPad Lantern. Nuff said. Gotta get one if you don't want to be mauled by mosquitoes this summer. They really work and are worth the few bucks. And the refills are pretty cheap.

Hope some of these products from the House of Snyder will make your life a little easier. Feel free to put your questions in Comments below and I will respond to them.


Kristin H. said...

Now you see, I think House of Snyder would make a great blog name (per your previous post.)

Marie said...

Love all these products Allison. Unfortunately we can't get the laundry things over here. I miss Tide. My mom always used Tide and I am a Tide girl. It does smell nice and I don't care waht they put in it, it's my first choice. I use Persil over here, which is quite similar!

Mama Zen said...

You are absolutely right about the Tide. I don't know what they put in there, but it's laundry crack!