Sunday, June 1, 2008


Scott and I spent a delightful afternoon, after going out for lunch, driving around southeastern NH, between Route 4 and Route 101 (both of which go east and west across the southern part of the state). We enjoyed driving all around on dirt roads, through forests, and past beautiful farms and hidden properties. Our chosen destination was Pawtuckaway State Park, and you can read more about it on our joint blog on Monday when the pictures get posted. Here are some additional shots I took to remind us of the day. 70 degrees, light wind, a cross between overcast and gently sunny, great clouds, a photographer's dream day. Click on photos to enlarge.
We saw a bit of wildlife, but I was thrilled when I spotted the ever elusive, shy and sensitive Husbandus Photographus. I had to inch up to him, quietly so as not to startle him. There he is through the trees.
He saw me.
And then to my surprise, he came out from behind the tree! And just like that, he was gone again. A rare but wonderful sighting.
As we were driving to the park, there was a tiny turtle right in the middle of the road. I drove by him, letting him rest where he was. I wished I had stopped and taken his picture. So I was looking for another turtle all day. Then I saw this.
And then this! A duck and turtle, who must've been friends. They were sitting very close together and co-existing peacefully until we got a little too close. It was the sunning turtle who slipped away into the water first, with barely a splash. The duck was noticeably ruffled that he left.
I was so happy to have photographed the little turtle. I love turtles!
These lily pads and flowers were captivating.

I know the horizon is crooked in the photo below - my bad - and Scott is going to fix it with his special photo software. But until I get it back from him, I wanted to post this anyway. It shows the colors of our day. It was peaceful at Pawtuckaway. We took a hike, got mauled by mosquitoes, drove around the park, stopping and exploring at various trails and swimming beaches. I'm glad we had the day together. Good Sunday.
What did you do this weekend? ~Allison

p.s. I'll post my Happy in my Home items tomorrow.


Marie said...

I spotted the elusive Husbandus couch potatus yesterday as well! Must have been a good day for sightings! Unlike the photographus genus this one is quite lazy and will not wilt at the sign of discovery, but lolls about quite happily without fear of detection, just so long as you ply him frequently with tasty snacks and hot drinks. Seriously looks like a wonderful afternoon in a beautiful location!

Gloria said...

Your pictures are Sooooooo beautiful I like all!!! Gloria

Annie said...

Wow...those are some really beautiful shots! I really love the turtles (but I love turtles!)

Allison said...

Thanks for your sweet comments, Marie, Gloria and Annie. Glad you enjoyed them.