Thursday, June 12, 2008

What had him laughing until he cried

The best from Allison reading Shoeboxblog with Scott, who was giddy and up way past his bedtime.  He just thought these were soooooo funny!

From Funny, but NO, where they show you cards that didn't quite make it to the greeting card aisle...(I thought #1 and #2 were funny, Scott rolled over laughing with #3)

I’m trying that six small meals a day thing. Hard to fit ‘em all in,
around the three main meals, but I figure I should start seeing results soon.

Figure I’d like to see you soon, too. Miss you.
You still have what it takes to make a woman happy.

Women love a project.
I smell birthday cake!

And occasionally, my index finger. But you don’t want to know about that.

From Brian's Brain, Scott thought this was hysterical:

From Newsdroppings, we liked:

With gas prices now averaging $4 a gallon, the Senate is debating higher taxes on oil company profits. A spokesman for the oil industry said, "We'd rather keep it all," to which the Senate reponded, "Yes sir."

Scientists have discovered monkeys that fish. Although a follow-up study revealed that most of them just hang around the bait shop and lie about fishing.

And I thought these were funny:

People You See in the Grocery Store at 2 a.m.

*geeks who just came from a Planet of the Apes movie marathon
*Gary Busey
*your 5th grade teacher who was always kind of creepy anyways
*gaggles of teenagers who you hope aren’t friends with your teenager
*the drunk guy you saw in the bar at 1 am
*guys obsessed with fresh doughnuts

From today's offerings:

A few college kids in Atlanta have started a “crime club,” and are trying to crack a cold case involving the disappearance of 2 women. Police detectives are being helpful, and the club’s only setbacks have been the constant cowardly overreactions of Shaggy and Scoob.

C'mon, who doesn't love a Scooby joke?? ;)

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Marie said...

haha, I loved the last one!!! Yes . . . I am a scooby doo fan.