Tuesday, June 10, 2008

100 Steps

I read in a magazine that you can jumpstart your weight loss (or push through the current weight loss plateau) by doing several small things and layering a new one on each day.  For example, on Day One, drink one additional bottle of water.  Day Two, drink a bottle of water and exchange your 3:00 candy bar with some cut up fruit.  Day Three, add 100 extra steps to your walking routine.  

As it turns out, 100 steps is not very much!  I accomplished 160 today by walking to the bathroom slightly farther away from my desk than the "close" bathroom.  No big sacrifice.  And then, despite my severe UN-love of the heat, I decided to walk to the mall near work at lunchtime, to make an exchange and have some lunch.  It is piping hot today but not the typical New England hazy net-like humidity and so it really wasn't that bad!  There's 800-1000 steps right there!  

Doing the small wonders makes you feel good and like you could actually accomplish some weight loss.  Now, did the greasy Chinese food ala food court help this endeavor??  Indeed, it did not.  But maybe I sweated out a few calories on the walk back to work.  Hmm.  The point is, a little plus a little adds up. 

So how will you spend your extra steps today?  Or, what will be your next "100 Steps" project?


p.s. Also making progress on the baby initiative.  If you want to read the details, ask me for an invite to my Yahoo blog, where that story lives.  Will happily oblige.


Mama Zen said...

Must. Know. About. Baby.

Marie said...

Oh please, invite me too! *grins* I love being in on a secret! Now as for the 100 steps . . . it sounds like a great plan!