Sunday, June 8, 2008

Visiting the Concord Pine Barrens

Today Scott and I went to the Concord Pine Barrens. It was about 90 degrees today in Concord and the Barrens were wide open and hot.
We visited the beginnings of the lupine. Soon we will try to make it up to the Fields of Lupine Festival again.

But we were really searching for the Karner Blue Butterfly. We saw several butterflies.

Anybody know what this interesting guy is?
Here's a closer look.
There is another Pine Barren territory in Ossipee. Here is an interesting story about the prescribed burn in the Concord Pine Barrens.
And there is Scott, doing what he does best: capturing beauty.
Some of Scott's most beautiful photos are on Rock, Water and Light.
How was your Saturday?


Marie said...

Wonderful looking day you had there Allison. That looks like some kind of moth, very similar to the Hummingbird Hawk moth that we have over here. Do they have them over there too?? They are a type of moth that would be out in the daytime.

Chile said...

It's one of the sphinx moths. Wikipedia has a bit about them.

mw said...

Can you explain how to reach the pine barrens in Concord? The EPA link doesn't work and I am having a lot of trouble trying to find it (coming from New London NH). Thanks.

mw said...

Never mind! I found directions in a Concord Monitor article from last summer.