Monday, July 14, 2008

Shaker Village: Mid-Summer Night's Dream

Scott and I went back to the Shaker Village gardens last weekend to check on the progress. Remember this? Well bear with me for the next several shots of all the beautiful wonders at Shaker Village now that it's July. You can see that the gardens have exploded with life and every color of the rainbow. There's a real feeling of abundance in this land.

Gorgeous poppies - and in pink!
There were notes that I think the main gardener must have left for the various volunteers who help out with the gardens, letting them know what needs to be done on which rows.
Everywhere we turned, there was a different beautiful scene.
This little fella was flitting about the raspberry bushes, dancing with a mate and calling out his tune.
This green bud was the smallest thing I saw growing in the gardens (compare with the end of my pinky finger). That was, until I saw the teeny tiny purple plant that showed up in this picture!

Compare this lush view from the front end of the medicinal herb gardens to the view earlier this summer.
Swingtown. (Those bugs are gettin' their groove on.)

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Marie said...

Beautiful pictures Allison! That looks like a place I would absolutely love to go! Your/Scott's pictures are fabulous!