Friday, July 11, 2008


You have not sufficiently experienced self-loathing

until you have sat in the Orientation session for NH Unemployment, in which they cram you like sardines into a tiny room and tell you how you better file for open jobs and disclose any AND ALL* earnings unless you want to be sent to prison for fraud - all this while sitting practically on top of the guy who smells like pee** while the lady next to you informs you she has a Master's degree and should not have to come to next week's seminar on resume writing. No joke, lady. I said the same thing and they said, "We'll see you next Wednesday" and "Yes, it's mandatory." Meanwhile the disgruntled laid off bus driver is picking a fight with the facilitator and the teacher who is going back to work at the end of the summer is complaining that this was supposed to be THE ONLY MEETING NANCY FROM NASHUA SAID I HAD TO GO TO.

Do you hate yourself enough yet? I did not see you the answer is no.

*We were informed that if we made $35 mowing someone's grass, we had better report it.
**Being let go from your job is not a license to stop wiping yourself. In fact, there is NO license to stop wiping yourself, for any reason. Just in case you were wondering if you could free up that little one second of your day.




Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry. It has to suck. When I moved to West Virginia from California, I was able to apply for unemployment as a "displaced worker." We had just gottne married and my husband carted my butt across the country a week after the wedding. I was able to do the whole process over the phone. I'm so sorry. But you deserve the unemployment (you/ve paid into it,) and it will all be over soon.

Marie said...

It is so humiliating I know. When I have found myself in that position I just keep telling myself, they are only doing the job they are paid to do, it's not personal, even if it feels personal. HOpefully something will come up for you soon. (((hugs)))
PS It has always driven me up the wall that you should have to go through this just to get something that you have paid into for years. I suppose it's the ones that take advantage that make the rest of us pay . . . in every way.