Friday, July 11, 2008

A plane! A bird! Pet Detective in a one piece!

"Jim Carrey doesn't have a jiggly belly, but that doesn't mean he should have slipped into his girlfriend Jenny McCarthy's slinky black swimsuit. Remember men - say no to Speedos!
photo by AlphaX/X17 Online - July 4, 2008"


I don't know...if he's gonna wear a women's suit, I think he may have picked the perfect one. Just wait, a new fashion trend (set by Jim Carrey??) know they've always wanted to try on those bikinis...

(Don't say I never took you anywhere.)


Kristin H. said...

There are no words for this.

Marie said...

ONly Jim Carrey could get away with this! By the way I have gifted you with two awards!