Monday, July 7, 2008

Wonder Woman has returned to the building.

I have not forgotten you! I have been quite busy with trying to find a new job, trying to maintain semblance of sanity, visiting friends and family, celebrating birthdays, canceling our trip (double wahhh), working on diagnosing the poor sick old dog, and cleaning puke/crap/random disasters off the rug (see poor sick old dog).

I am going to visit Laurel tomorrow for a few days and I may have time to blog then. I have a major backlog of topics to discuss with you, plus a plethora of new photos to share.

Meanwhile, I thought you might like to see our post for Kristin at Rock, Water and Light. We have finished our assignment and the photos were so fun to take. See what you think of them.

Will be back soon. (And thanks for checking back.)


Mama Zen said...

Yikes! Sick dog duty sucks.

Anonymous said...

I second Mama Zen. Sick dog duty TOTALLY sucks. But I'm glad your back!