Tuesday, December 16, 2008

To Do or Not To Do

It’s hard to be at work with not quite enough to do, when you have so many, many things on your own To Do List. I would like to be home finishing up bankruptcy cases, getting them filed, and getting paid. I would like to clean the house, put up the Xmas tree, decorate said tree, and deal with the enormous heap of laundry that threatens to completely overtake the hallway. I would like to bake some Xmas cookies, and have time to share my recipes with Marie and the rest of the blog kingdom. I would like to…nap.

Oh, sweet bliss of a cozy bed on a grey, chilly afternoon. Maybe a Judy Cat would curl up on my chest (after the obligatory face-bumping-greeting session). Maybe I could watch one of my “Christmas Movies,” since I have had NO TIME to even rent them, much less watch them this year.

But, from the couch I would turn, ever-so-slowly, and see THEM…the unsigned, unstuffed, unstickered, and unmailed Christmas letters. I think I wrote a decent one this year, all things considered. The paper isn’t pretty, but the words are from the heart. And I think people will give me a little leeway this once. But those letters ain't gonna mail themselves.

Needless to say, sitting here and begging for work – and even that I gave up on for the moment – is tiring in an irritating sort of way. Oh! And the shopping…I still need to finish the shopping! The wrapping. Oh dear, and…(trailing off into infinity)


And what are you doing this afternoon?


Marie said...

Oh Ally, you do make me smile. :-) I think we all find ourselves in this same boat, to some degree, at this time of year. Know what? Sod it . . . really!

Mod Girl said...

Oh, I can SO identify! I've got my own stack of unsigned, unstuffed, and unstickered Christmas cards. And the shopping... I ran three errands this morning, must do 2 more this afternoon, and more tomorrow. It is unending. I doubt I'll finish until Christmas Eve.

Let's make a deal... turn on some nice music this evening, brew a cup of hot tea, and let's knock those Christmas cards out!

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