Monday, December 1, 2008

Five Natural Remedies for Colds

(photo not by me)
Check out this interesting article for new ideas on fighting cold and flu symptoms. I would also add ginger tea for all symptoms, including nausea and sore throat; and ginger powder (1-3 tbsp) in hot bath at the very first signs of sickness - this will make you sweat profusely for about 15 minutes, then get out and rest for the remainder of the evening; and peppermint tea for upset stomach and nausea.

My holistic doctor used to say you should always stay home for 24-48 hours when you are sick - that is when you are most contagious and also when you can control how long and hard the sickness overtakes you. Rest! The best medicine. And stay away from all caffeine, processed sugars and fats while sick. Drink LOTS of fluids, but nothing caffeinated.

Best of health to you this cold and flu season!


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