Monday, December 8, 2008


(photo not by me)

Well, this weekend was full of pre-holiday activity. We celebrated Saint Nicholas' Day on Saturday (St. Nick brought us each a Christmas ornament), worked on signing and addressing the Xmas letters, did some preliminary baking - I have somewhat given up on the diet until January - and decorated the house for our holiday party this Saturday. I even finally plugged in a lamp I got two years ago (ahem). Progress.

Also did some bad bad bad girl shopping at Borders...damn those literature retailers! Was supposed to trade books at the used book store and therefore get basically free books for the kiddies. But was lured in by Borders' fancy coffees and holiday music, the sale items OUTSIDE the door, and those pesky Clearance stickers. Oy vey. But I did get some wonderful kids books (let me know if you want recommendations).

Mom and I made the super-grid of who's getting what for whom by when and from where (what Nanny gave Weenie, what Weenie gave Emily, and of course what they all gave me)! So instead of Black Friday, we will be having Black Wednesday, and ol' Wally World better look out! You may have heard, but WalMart is the only major retailer (supposedly) that had increased sales last quarter. And why do we think that is? Well, for the same reason, we will be shopping there on Wednesday. Morality be damned!

Hope your holidays are shaping up nicely. Any of you readers not celebrating Christmas? What do you like to do instead? Anyone want to share their December traditions, of any nature?



Marie said...

My Christmas doesn't actually start until my boss goes to their holiday home in Vail for Christmas. That happened this morning, however the daughter is there and I have a dinner party to cook for her tommorrow night, so my Christmas won't start until Monday! Then I'm putting up my tree!

Allison said...

Yay - your Christmas has finally arrived! Enjoy every minute of it. Ally