Thursday, December 18, 2008

I'm doing what I like to do best

...and that is writing. Today at work I finally have the opportunity to do some writing, editing and proofreading. I can't tell you how much I love doing this type of work. I am only taking a brief break right at the moment for my brain to recharge so I can edit 6 or 7 more pages of the company newspaper. This is the work I was truly meant to do, just like my mother.

She found her first satisfying career in her early 30's, editing an education magazine, no less. She reviewed curriculum and new books and materials for children. She loved it. Here I am working in education, reviewing and copy editing material for publications to teachers and school district administrators (and for the last two years to school board members). What a lovely life. Wish I could do it full time.

Looking forward to some time off after Friday, for the next two weeks. We picked up Lauren and Co. last night in Boston and thus begins our big, festive holiday celebration. Lauren's three children are so dear, I could just spend every waking minute with them. Chubby Bubby, the new baby, is so fat and sweet and delicious - I could just eat him up with a spoon! Anna and Emma are as beautiful and interesting as ever and I love them so. Aunty Ally (and soon, Grandma Honey, as the other children call me) is revived. I am looking forward to lots of Christmas cheer.

But for now, back to the words, my other love.


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Anonymous said...

I can't tell you how much your first paragraph reminded me of my own realization, at just about your age, that I was really happy only when writing, editing, or proofing -- in other words, immersed in words. Follow that dream, don't tuck it into a side-pocket as so many of us do for years. Know your self, seize the life you really want, love the words -- and they will set you free.
-- Charlotte