Sunday, February 1, 2009

Thoughts on a Saturday Night

1. Scott and I are so lucky that our best friends had a beautiful boy baby, and let us take care of him tonight - his first adventures with a babysitter. It was wonderful for us, and hopefully nice for the mom and dad to have date again after seven months.

2. We are also thankful that we can still relate to them and spend time together - the presence of a baby (and their becoming mom and dad) didn't render us speechless with nothing left in common, as sometimes happens. Thank you, L & C.

3. Scott is going to make a wonderful father to potential future children of ours. He has a gentle and kind way with children, and babies really love him. (He was/is a great father to Hillary, and a v fun grandpa to Matthew.)

4. Cats are way easier to take care of than dogs. [No offense, Buddy.] You can throw some kibble down, leave a light on, and be gone for several hours with no harm done. Very freeing really.

5. Facebook is a very odd place and cultural phenomenon. It is astounding how you can suddenly connect to your elementary school chums and in a week be sharing 5th grade class photos and laughing over who looked most like a dork in grade school. It is also thrilling to "meet" someone who used to be the briefest acquaintance in a lifetime you no longer remember...who has the potential to become a real friend, since you now share so much in common. Life grows us up in strange ways, does it not?

6. Your hairstyle from the previous decade is destined to embarrass you. [Though I refuse to regret my 90's split-level perm.]

7. I finally found a way that works for me to talk to my old long-lost friends: schedule (and keep) a one hour phone date.

8. No matter what we lose in this dismal economy and these Shrinking Wallet Days, as long as we have our love, our friends and family, and our health, we will be fine. More than fine. Dandy. ;)

9. Scott is my true and everlasting love. Thank you, Babe.

10. Fast food is gross. No matter how good it sometimes tastes.

I am grateful for a full life, for the good and not-so-tender memories of the past, and for the many thousands of ways I have been allowed to connect with family, friends, and loved ones - not excluding dreams. I appreciated seeing Dad and Grandpa C. in my dream last night. Miss you both.

What's rattling around in your brain?



Marie said...

Isn't it wonderful when you get to visit with lost loved ones in dreams??? I have had several lovely dreams about my Aunt Freda and they were so wonderful for me and felt so beautifully real. We got your lovely Christmas newsletter! I adored it and thanks for the lovely pictures also!! Right now I am thinking about the big dinner I have to cook at work in a few and wishing that I could be playing in the snow instead. But I am sure in a couple of hours I will be thinking about something else! XXOO

Kristin H. said...

Great list Ally girl. And you are right about the fast food.