Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Great Things That Made Me Happy

...and KILLED my diet...but only temporarily!

(photo from Web)

1. fried mozzarella sticks - ohh, fried cheesiness is next to godliness
2. a Reuben
3. truly heavenly french fries
4. Ben & Jerry's Mint Chocolate Cookie ice cream
5. did I mention the fried cheese??

flippin' diet. today i'm back to reduced fat mini-pretzels and water. blech.

p.s. You tell the WW, then no more fried cheese for you!


Anonymous said...

You are evil. I did NOT need to read this post today of all days. Evil.

Allison said...

And by evil, do you mean the blessedness of fried cheese???

Laurel said...

I love cheese, and peanut butter and bacon. I think it would make a fabulous sandwich, what do you think? With some ketchup and mayo perhaps?

Allison said...

That sounds eerily similar to a snack my friend said he used to eat right after getting high. Ahem.