Friday, February 13, 2009

In my family, embarrassing = funny.

From my dear sister Lauren...we're blaming everything on "the grief" these days...kinda like our grandparents used to blame things on "the gout"...

Here are 4 stupid mistakes I've made this week so far:

1. filling the baby's bathtub on the bed and NOT checking to make sure the plug was in--resulting in about a gallon or 2 of water pouring all over the bed and soaking through to the mattress, not to mention soaking the baby!

2. letting a book fall on the paper tray of the printer and breaking it for the umpteenth time, but, ha-ha, this time the glue won't take and it is rendered totally useless

3. unplugging the laptop, thinking it was the vacuum plug, while he was in the middle of installing a new anti-virus program, which apparently takes hours and hours to install, and which made it impossible for him to work yesterday and today, and which, ha-ha, went back to the beginning.

4. there was something else, but it has slipped my mind (not surprising!)

Can it really be this bad in Australia, too????


Then there was also the dish soap put away in the fridge, which she confessed a few days ago.

Oh, and yesterday:

i remembered the 4th thing--i bought conditioner instead of shampoo, so we had no shampoo for 5 days bc i kept getting waylaid on the way to the grocery store! all we had was baby wash.


A ha ha ha. Good times in Mexico!
Wishing you luck today, big sister, on Friday the 13th. Though I think your bad luck may be used up. You'll probably have an incredibly wonderful day!



Laurel said...

I'll have to email Lauren a little blooper of mine to make her feel better. It's too embarrassing to share with the public!

Michael said...

Allison: This sounds exactly like me for almost a year after my mom died in fall 2006. It really is grief. It's not an excuse, trust me... Grief has a life of its own, but it gets better after the first year or so. That's not just trite advice. People said this to me back then, and they were right.