Saturday, February 28, 2009

February 28, 2009 Checking In

i am: having pancakes with a new friend tomorrow - life is good
i think: visiting butterflies in the middle of winter is a wonderfully calm and magical thing to do
i want: my women's group to start soon
i wish: i had enough money to be a benefactor
i miss: Dad and Tip, a lot this week
i feel: sorry that several members in the family are struggling
i hear: we are getting stimulus checks - show me the money!
i smell: Indian food, still, in the house - I cooked it on Wednesday!!
i crave: pretzels, as I'm now addicted to them
i search: for a job
i wonder: if I will be pregnant this year
i regret: not painting the rooms before we moved in - now it seems like SUCH a project
i love: my kitties Judy and O'Reilly - they bring such joy
i ache: in my joints lately
i am not: behind on the mortgage
i believe: things will eventually get better
i forget: what I did with the directions to IHOP...hmmm
i confuse: the days, months, and even the year lately!
i went to: the second grief support group meeting and it was helpful
i listen: to Randy Travis a lot lately
i need: to get my sleep patterns sorted out
i am happy about: knowing my father loved me
i hope: to do some freelance writing soon, and maybe have a column


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