Monday, September 14, 2009

An old friend

Sometimes a visit from an old friend is just what I need to get back on track, gain some perspective, laugh it off, and turn my cobwebbed heart around.

My oldest friend Dave came for a visit this weekend. In my mind, he is Dave from Texas, but it has been eight years now...he's really Davy from New York City. He is all Manhattan now and I love seeing the many transformations. We stayed up late each night talking about everything and anything. We told stories, secrets, hopes and dreams, troubles, sorrows, and ideas. We talked faith, sex, politics, grief, and relationships. We remembered events together back in church youth group and talks we had in college, visits in other states. We remembered the ways we had hurt each other over time, the falling out and coming back together.

He got along so well with Scott and also my mom, who came for dinner on Saturday night. It was just a wonderful time and I really needed that.

Ready to start fresh, make some good choices, share some love, and have my birthday.

How are you?



Marie said...

Spending time with good friends is always soul enriching I think. It's particularly nice when time and distance has done nothing to diminish the bond that you feel. Sounds like you had a great visit together, and I'm just great thanks!

Michele said...

It sounds like you had a much-needed good time. Things in Texas a wet, wet, wet. I love rain but it really doesn't seem to want to stop. It's a bit freaky ... maybe G-d like about the no more floods thing.

DQ's Windmill said...

Just stopped by to say hello!
It's good that you're still in touch with Dave.
Today was just fine, and fine is good:)
Have a pleasant weekend,