Thursday, September 24, 2009

I'm sorry - it's just not fair!

The pregnant woman gets pregnant...again!

Check out
-9/25/09 Today's Brew
-"Expecting two but not twins"

These are the things that get my goat. Baaa.



Marie said...

That was the first thing I saw on my newsreader this morning. Sending Hugs. It will happen for you soon, I am sure. ((((hugs))))

Michele said...

LOL. How sad is that. We can't get preggers to save our lives but she manages to ovulate twice in one month and get pregnant both times!

Allison said...

Riiight? I just hope she is as grateful as Michele or I would be. Babies are love and children are a blessing (even if they sometimes resemble little monsters). I honestly do wish this mom the best of luck. Because of her due date(s), drs say she might just have one in '09 and one in '10!