Saturday, September 26, 2009

"Just cut the moldy parts off...that cheese is fine!"

Ever wondered how long you can leave that mystery meat in the fridge, or whether you should eat the week old pumpkin pie (I wondered both of these things just today!)...

Well check out Still a great website my faithful mom just sent me.

Thanks Ma!



Marie said...

Not sure if I dare!!! Oh what the heck, I'm on my way to look now!

DQ's Windmill said...

This is so funny. You know how, within a family, you hold on to the funny things family members have said, and repeat them for years amongst yourselves, like "in" jokes? (And they weren't trying to be funny - they were just being themselves, lol). Here's one.

It was right after I had my son, which was already a couple of weeks past Thanksgiving. My dear, beloved grandmother - who was like my mom - came to stay with me and take care of us for a while, and as she reached in the fridge for some old leftovers to make me a sandwich, I questioned their age. She only said, as she always did, in her stalwart, determined, Italian grandma way, "It's goooood."