Friday, June 12, 2009

Thanks and Dreams

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Hello friends~

Thought I'd do a brief gratefulness list:

1. Scott's daughter Hillary and her husband Dustie are doing well with the kids. But say a prayer for them, as they are grieving the loss of Dustie's brother who passed unexpectedly.

2. My friendship with the little old man is coming together nicely, and I think of the time spent as "volunteer work." Doing nice things for him is helping me as much as it helps him.

3. Mom and I plowed through two weeks of old moldy boxes - remnants of several previous cross country moves - and pitched about 80% of all of that stuff. Don't worry, Lauren, we kept all the memorabilia and great children's books. We cleaned and repacked everything to keep and we will be mold free very soon!

4. No hives from the mold. Yeehaw!

5. Despite uncovering MAJOR political and idealistic differences between me and my old friends reclaimed on Facebook, I have rekindled some old friendships. Bringing Past Allison and Present Allison together must be good for self-development. Right?

And a few dreams:

1. I would love to have a little curly-haired daughter with big green eyes someday; we will walk hand in hand through Autumn leaves in the park, chasing the dogs and kicking leaves wherever we go. We will tell secrets at night and sing every song we know in the dark, with a candle burning (just like Lauren and I did with our mom). She will probably be too smart for her own good and emotional like me (and Scott), but she will be irresistible because of those qualities.

2. We hope to find a big farm house with a mother-in-law cottage, on a few acres in NH or Vermont. Mom will live with us part of the year, and have enough money to go back and forth to Mexico and stay with Lauren and Co. We will have some dogs and maybe a llama or three, a few rascally goats, and a brown-eyed cow.

3. I want to have a burial plot for Dad at the Blossom Hill Cemetery (also called Calvary Cemetery) in Concord. I want to be able to stop there on the way home from work and say a few words to him, tend the flowers, and rest.

What's on your heart these days?

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Marie said...

Love your grateful list, and your dream list. Dreams are beautiful things. I have this quote I love . . .

"Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world."
~Harriet Tubman

I always tell myself, if she can do it, so can I.