Saturday, June 20, 2009

Our Little Darlings (framed with flowers)

These are the two special kitties who found us last September when we needed them most. They were living in the woods, and appeared to be starving. Here, the day we got them, they are quickly settling in to the luxe life. Judy is in front, O'Reilly curled up behind.
O'Reilly on the left, the son of Judy on the right - they enjoy this two meals a day thing.
We loved watching their ears bob up and down as they wolfed down their kibbles. At the time, Tip was with us, and he loved eating cat food. Reilly in turn liked eating the dog's kibble.
Here O'Reilly has relaxed nicely into his new life. This picture was taken later in the fall.
And just a few days ago, I came home to one of my favorite sights - my kitties asleep together (which doesn't always happen), one showing his length as he likes to stretch out, and mama showing her curled in a ball, roly poly look. She's no starving kitty any more!
We love them so. Hours of entertainment.



Scott and Allison Snyder said...

Oh my God! I can't believe Judy was ever that skinny. Despite not liking cats I do love those kitties.


Marie said...

You have given two cats a warm and loving home. Bless you! I love cats myself, but with Jess . . . well, we just can't have one. I would love one though.

DQ's Windmill said...

I stumbled onto your blog from Maezen's (Cheerio Road), and had to comment about your new black kitties! We just adopted a black kitten two weeks ago, who now answers to "Jacques." We are "dog people" and haven't had a kitty in the house for a long time, but except for our poodle who now often finds a cat in his bed, every one is enjoying the new baby in the house!