Sunday, November 8, 2009


I saw a possum tonight, right at our neighbor's porch, a mere fifteen feet from me. Judy went to investigate (though I told her not to). He stood there for a while, then ambled, wobbly, away. He ducked under the part of the fence that's bent up, which our cats use many times a day to explore the neighborhood behind our condo. He was beautiful. These photos are from the Web. My possum looked most like the first picture.

What a rare sight and a blessing to me.


Marie said...

I have never seen a possum for real, although my ex sister in law had a fur coat made of possum. She was not amused when I made the comment, "So does this coat mean that you will roll over and play dead when threatened?" I have always felt the fur looks much better on the animals myself. Love the last picture! How sweet!

Michele said...

When we first moved into our house, we saw a momma possum and her babies walking down our drive way. The babies were really cute. But then we never saw them again. They must have decided the space was too crowded with us moving in.