Monday, May 25, 2009

Vacation Day 1 (Attempt to get to Alabama)

We actually started our vacation as of Friday after work. We went to Mom's Spring Concert in Gilford and saw a delightful group of singers lift up their voices in joy. Great start.

Then Saturday the 16th, rawther early if you ask me, we started our vacation with hopefulness. Look at Scottie, enjoying his flight and everything.Since Delta and Northworst have joined forces (for the propagation of evil, it turns out), they have developed these cheery little marketing cookies, called "Biscoff." Mmm. We ate lots of them, as we were shuffled to a bazillion flights, instead of the two we paid for.
Long about the time they diverted us to Memphis, TN - what?? - instead of Birmingham, AL, we got suspicious. I entertained myself by playing the game What if we are the cast of LOST - you know, who would be the main group and who would be the Others, which of these passengers could likely build a shelter, who would have a bad attitude, a drug problem, or be secretly pregnant...
We did manage to find the world's LARGEST calculator in one of the airports, sure to come in handy for our island misadventures.
This fine gentleman appeared on the plane in Memphis, and had words with the pilot as to whether or not he could/would fix the infamous "broken radar" (whatever that means).
After three - yes, THREE - times unboarding and reboarding the plane in Memphis, we finally got off the ground. However we did get a little concerned after time two, when we saw the pilot and staff (below) running away from our plane with their suitcases! Ack.
Needless to say, we got to know our fellow passengers quite well. This was one of the friendly, nice ones. [Had we been the cast of Survivor, we totally would have formed an alliance with him, and would not have voted him off...] Once we got to Alabama at midnight, instead of 4:00 p.m., we had to rent a car and drive to Pete and Fran's house.
We were sad we missed dinner with Scott's brother Steve, Susan, and the kids, and that we missed time with Mom and Dad; but all in all, it worked out. We didn't get our knickers in a twist, and we stayed in relatively good spirits. Why? I asked myself the same question, because patience in airports is not my strong point. I attribute it to the growing phenomenon I call "contentment with our lives." I just feel more at ease with my life these days, and therefore, better able to deal with momentary chaos. And I'm grateful for this.

Day 2 adventures in 'Bama and Tennessee to come. Stay tuned!



Marie said...

I've always felt the airport is the most stressful part of any trip. So much drama. Got to love those Biscoff though!! They're incredibly moreish!

Kristin H. said...

I am always hesitant to read airplane sagas. Or even watch, as they now have a whole television show dedicated to the train wreck that is air travel. But I loved reading this one. Hope your trip is super.