Monday, May 4, 2009

Dinner Gals Go Green

Saturday, we had another wonderful evening with the Dinner Gals - but this time, a new crowd! Melissa, Alli, and Laurel were unable to join us but two new members, Faith and Louise, joined me and Jesse for a great meeting.

I am thrilled that there are so many unexpected and interesting cross-interests. For example, we have several moms with young children - three out of four of us on Saturday have young sons! A couple of the gals are single. There are several gals who support themselves or their families with careers. And at least three of us are working on launching or surviving in our own businesses - Louise has a women's adventure travel company, Melissa is a wedding and child portraiture photographer, and I am working with Scott on selling his photography and working with my mom on a freelance writing and editing business. The tips we can share about entrepreneurship will be invaluable!

I am finding this group to be invigorating. After the meetings, I feel opened up and alive, ready to tackle new projects and inspired about making changes in my life. Particularly after discussing ways to "green" our lifestyles on Saturday, I am renewing my desire to make a difference on this planet of ours. My new goal: to get a few BPA(?)-free water bottles so I can stop buying the disposable kind (which I really love). I am also going to work on using my cloth bags for shopping. Louise said her grocery store doesn't even offer plastic bags any more, and is phasing out paper, so if you forget your reusable bags, you are outta luck! That's incentive.

We agreed last night that finding new friends with commonalities and differences is a blessing we all can use. What a joy to laugh for three and a half hours!

Off to collect some rainwater to water my plants! :)


p.s. Next meeting's topic will be: Finding Our Spirituality. What is your story? Where have you come from and where are you going? What types of spiritual practices do you incorporate into your daily life and how does that influence the rest of your life? What are you looking for in terms of nurturing your spiritual self?


Marie said...

Sounds like a great group of ladies Allison. I miss that sort of thing actually. In the six years we have lived were we do now, not one person in the village has made themselves known to me or todd. Not even the Vicar, and they're usually the first to come calling with their hand out.

Allison said...

It's so hard to make friends as adults, especially heart-to-heart friends. Blogging helps. But the pleasure of someone's physical company, a hand to hold or a hug given before the tea is passed...that's irreplaceable.

I hope you find someone dear, a girlfriend, in your town. And if you come to NH, you'll always have me!

~Ally xo