Wednesday, January 21, 2009

They seem so funny because it's so late

(from the darlings at Shoeboxblog)

quote of the day #1
“In heaven, all the potato chips look like celebrities.” - Bill

Songs By The Police That Should Have Indicated the Impending Breakup:
by Cat
* Don’t Stand So Close to Me
* King of Pain
* So Homely
* (Why Don’t You Go) Walking on the Moon
* Every Breath You Take Steals Air From People Who Deserve It More
* Shut Up, Sting, You Wanker

quote of the day #2

Cartoon by Dr. Dick (presumably for us writers...)

Things Not to Say Out Loud at the Gym:
by Renee D
* “Geez, that door is heavy.”
* “Great! A vending machine!”
* “I only come here for the whirlpool.”
* “Move it, Tons O' Fun.”
* “I can’t wait 'til March so I can quit coming here.”

quote of the day #3
“Work at home! Earn money! Believe anything!” - Tina


Good times. :)

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Marie said...

I love em Ally! Thanks for the giggles!