Wednesday, January 14, 2009

January, and i am what i am

i am . . .

i am: young and need to stop acting old
i think: i will lose weight this winter
i want: more romance in my life
i wish: there were 35 extra freebie hours in the week, like the 35 extra points WW gives you
i miss: Tip, oh, especially today - my feet keep "looking" for him under the coffee table and he is not there
i feel: a bit lost, as several of the normal fence posts of my life are missing
i hear: Randy Travis' "Worship and Faith" album and it takes me right back to Suthun' Baptist revival meetings and Texas summer nights
i smell: snow in the air (mmm)
i crave: affection
i search: the Web for appropriate local jobs
i wonder: when I will find one - ack!
i regret: wasting time on angry people
i love: giving gifts, especially the unexpected kind
i ache: in my hands today
i always: laugh at Robin Williams (did you see his latest 9 min Youtube from England?)
i am not: opposed to questioning my own opinions
i believe: we are each on a journey of self learning and enlightenment in this life
i dance: with my girlies and we laugh, we laugh
i sing: a song in my head most of the time - at night it comes in rhythms, as my feet tap themselves to sleep
i write: cards to my mother-in-law, because I like her and those letters strengthen our relationship
i win: the prize for most patient husband
i lose: time, daily...where does it go?
i confuse: the word "sunrise" with "sunset" b/c I don't want to know about things that happen before 6 a.m.
i listen: to the fridge gurgling and humming
i can usually be found: writing something, often a list
i am scared: by the pure deliciousness of Cheese Balls....yum
i need: a dog
i am happy about: O'Reilly the Cat and his wonderful enormous feet
i hope: to get my ailing computer fixed soon and see the movie "W"

(and for January, 2009)
i resolve: to visit the clubhouse exercise room!

Now you...


Kristin H. said...

Great list Ally girl :)

Marie said...

I enjoyed reading this list Ally. It's great, and I love, Love, LOVED Robin Williams video! I have always been a big fan of his. He has it right and he says it all in such an entertaining way! Thanks so much for sharing your spirit so abundantly with us. I adore you!

Eveningson said...

I like this list. Poignant. I have a dog. A cat is nice too. So get a dog and a cat. They get along. Ours sleep together although the dog is very polite to an uncaring cat.