Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My Past? Some Say...(soothsay?)

In a Past Life

You Were: An Arrogant Fortune Teller.

Where You Lived: North Canada.

How You Died: In Childbirth.

Well, they might be right. I do love telling people what to do and telling them deep things about themselves - "seeing into them." They came up with this based on one question: type in your current profession. Ha ha. Now I am an Administrative Assistant - that's some bad karmic retribution there! Now I have arrogant idiots telling me what to do all day! Maybe in the next life things will even out...


Mama Zen said...

We both got the died in childbirth!

And, if I could tell the future, I would probably be arrogant, too!

Anonymous said...

Fortune Tellers always get such a bad rap. Where's the love love for the Fortune Teller?

Allison said...

I love the fortune tellers (though they scare me a little too). Don't mind the possibility of having been one. :)