Wednesday, April 30, 2008

After Jazzmouth in Portsmouth, NH

Sunday, Scott and I attended Portsmouth's annual jazz and poetry festival. You can read all about it on Rock, Water and Light, but here are my pictures from the day. We spent the afternoon with Mom, Dad and their friend Barbara.

We have a history with Purple Houses in our family - we love them! So I had to make sure to capture this lovely one in Portsmouth, by the wharf. It's a royal grape color and oh, it makes my heart sing.

We've done several interesting cultural events with Mom and Dad this year, and I have really been enjoying it. We are gradually getting to know the greater local writing crowd (particularly poets) and the blue-hair crowd (through events like travelogue film nights at Concord's historic theater, The Audi). This is a great area to live. Scott is not convinced it has everything we need yet, but I am working on him. :)


Kristin H. said...

Your family looks nice. Like a great group to be around. Pretty area, too. Hope you are well. My blog is back up.

Allison said...

They really are a lot of fun. And they are great at loving. And loving life.

Marie said...

Looks like you had a great time Allison! How like your mother you are! Two peas in a pod!

Allison said...

we are a regular pea soup! sometimes i think we're so alike it's scary. sometimes, we are like aliens from two different planets! i guess all mother relationships are complicated. i do love her so.

Eamon said...

Poetry and jazz. Fun way to spend the day.

Allison said...